Following the successful development between REALtime Communications and MG Motor UK, we can now receive new vehicle leads directly from the OEM into the REALsales lead management solution.

The result of this integration is faster lead response times, efficiency wins thanks to no double keying, and the opportunity to maximise every lead opportunity.

Islington Motor Group are the first retailer to take up this integration, Sales manager Ben Aldridge commented:

“We approached the REALsales team in response to a request from MG Motor, requiring all dealers to receive leads directly into their CRM and send back all related sales activity dispositions.

“The REALsales team jumped onto the request and were able to find space in their roadmap to pick up and develop the integration from scratch in just over a month.

“The result is our team now receives leads from MG Motor directly into REALsales via the new leads portal in a simple, timely and easy-to-navigate manner.

“This allows them to respond quickly and efficiently, maximising our potential opportunity and provides the manufacturer with the required information to demonstrate the great work being done by our team here at Islington Motor Group.”

If you’d like to find out more about this integration, or get it activated for your MG Motor Dealership, please contact our team today at, and they’ll be happy to assist.