Transparent vehicle health checks

REALevhc provides a transparent, simple solution to maximise your service and repair work. Being able to provide clear advice on additional repair work allows your business to maximise upsell and deferred opportunities with customers, while ensuring their vehicle is safe for the road ahead. Upsell performance can also be monitored through a robust reporting suite – management and tracking.

  • Increased volume of repair work identified

  • Capture more deferred work and create a future pipeline of opportunities

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Maximum transparency between technician and customer

  • Proven processes to improve staff workloads

  • Integrates with third parties.

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What’s included.

We are aftersales specialists and have seen first-hand the challenges retailers face in the workshop and connecting with customers. Our technology has been built with the Aftersales teams and customers in mind at all times. We help to maximise efficiency, create a pipeline of deferred work, provide consistency and deliver transparency for customers’.

Products Real EVHC Real Aftersales Real Aftersales Plus
Workshop* RTC RTC RTC
Inspection RTC RTC RTC
3rd Party Integrations RTC RTC RTC
Reporting RTC RTC RTC
Outbound** RTC RTC RTC
Inbound Booking RTC RTC RTC
Online Booking (optional add-on) RTC RTC RTC
Online Check In (optional add-on) RTC RTC RTC
Online Check Out (optional add-on) RTC RTC RTC
Paperless Service (optional add-on) RTC RTC RTC

*Basic version only for REALevhc
** Deferred campaigns only for REALevhc

Already working with a partner you love? No problem.

We can connect to other leading industry partners, giving you maximum flexibility, while maintaining the structure and trusted approach of REALevhc.

Our solution will help your aftersales service grow, through well-established tools and processes built and designed by automotive experts.

Steps to success.

What benefits will your technicians and service advisors start to
see with a new eVHC platform?

1. Transparent working

Create a transparent working agreement with your customers and staff.

2. Faster day-to-day tasks

Implement our solution for your technicians and service advisors to use every day, making their day-to-day tasks faster and easier.

3. Customers’ trust

See customers’ trust in your retailer increase, along with sales of additional repairs.

Key features.


  • Digital eVHC that includes image and video capture

  • Tailored OEM health check

  • Flexible technician input

  • Time and date stamp audit trail

  • Ability to complete health check via a PC or mobile device

  • Previously identified work

  • Tyre supplier integration

  • Online customer authorisation

  • Real-time authorisation alerts

  • Payment plan integration

  • Automated deferred work follow-up

  • Integration with finance companies

  • Online/offline customer authorisation

  • Simple menu pricing


  • Live 24/7 reporting

  • Group view of resource availability

  • Detailed function analysis

  • Drill-down capabilities across all areas.

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