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REALinsights is an automotive business intelligence and data analytics solution for dealers and OEMs. We help automotive dealerships increase profit, become more efficient and stay ahead of the competition.

We track data across all departments in real time, empowering the automotive industry to adapt to change quickly. We use a machine-learning algorithm to ‘learn’ about commercial models and priorities at all levels in automotive, including aftersales, sales, stock, call centres, finance and more.

Our business intelligence solution generates tailored forecasts for different commercial scenarios by integrating with a range of automotive software solutions, giving a single holistic view of your business.

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  • Empowers automotive dealers and OEMs to make quick decisions by having a single uniform view of their data

  • Business Intelligence that forecasts and predicts results, identifying problems before they happen

  • Collate all data across automotive dealerships, dealer groups or entire OEM networks

  • Reduce time to sale by tracking stock preparation time and valuations fully integrated with Auto Trader

  • Quickly create KPIs, goals and targets relevant to automotive, giving you the data that matters

  • Built by dedicated automotive experts with over 20 years’ automotive experience.

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One solution, ALL your data.

Integrate all your data into one single view from your existing REALaftersales solution, REALsales, through to your DMS and other third parties, giving you a single holistic view of your business.






Google analytics



Service plan



Providing a single view of your business intelligence (BI) and key statistics across all your business areas, including new and used vehicle sales, workshop management, eVHC, stock, call centre and finance.Our automotive BI dashboards enable you to get the data you need quickly, and enable full drill-down into the detail you need.

Organisational dashboards.

View all of your businesses’ key data and business intelligence (BI) in single organisational view. Being able to see all your key metrics at a glance allows you and your team to spot trends quickly and adapt where needed.


New and used car sales performance is key to your automotive business success.Being able to track Sales team performance, monitor sales leads and lead sources and have a live view of current activity against sales targets gives you and your Car Sales team the control to ensure that you maximise performance.

Sales Tracking.

Advanced forecasting techniques – understand immediately if new and used car sales targets will be met.

Sales Targets.

The platform can automatically amend new and used car sale targets to hit overall goals, showing where improvements need to be made.

Sales Targets.

View performance of your eCommerce platform.

Understand instantly how online deals compare to in-showroom deals.


Now more than ever, a new and used vehicle stock pricing strategy is necessary for a successful automotive dealership.Our stock reports allow you review your current stock, compare pricing nationally, identify locations that will maximise sales and view vehicles nationwide, so you can get the most from your existing and new vehicle stock.

Stock pricing made simple.

Ensuring that you have accurately priced each vehicle can be a time-consuming task, checking price points nationally and against competitors in your area.

Through REALinsights, we collect your DMS stocklist and compare it instantly against Auto Trader data, giving you the instant analysis you need to amend your stock to sell, and maximising your margin opportunities.

We automatically provide optimised prices for every vehicle, constantly checking your stock prices every day to ensure your prices are correct from day one – maximising margin and optimising days to sell time.

You can also drill into your stock mix, highlighting problem vehicles and see which parts of your stock mix need to be updated – saving you time and effort each day.

Stock view.

Get an overall view of your vehicle stock with Auto Trader data built right in.

Easily identify problem vehicles.

Network insights.

View your whole vehicle stock estate, understanding market condition and ratings.


Maintaining healthy aftersales workshop performance supports your business and creates consistent cashflow.Track eVHC performance, labour and parts, allowing your Aftersales teams to keep on top of the metrics that matter in your aftersales workshop.

Labour performance.

View labour performance against aftersales workshop targets and see automated forecasting.

Platform can automatically adjust targets as required.

eVHC performance.

View an eVHC performance overview with full drill-down capabilities by dealership, service advisor and technician.

Parts performance.

View parts performance against aftersales targets and see automated forecasting.

Platform automatically adjusts targets as required.


Returning customers are vital to ensure your business maximises opportunities in aftersales, parts and future vehicle sales.Identifying areas where you can do more to retain customers supports your marketing and sales strategy.


Customer retention.

View sales and service retention drilling down into individual customers.


Giving your team an instant view of finance performance allows them to focus on the areas that matter to your bottom line.

Financial summary.

Our financial summary page gives you an immediate view of financial performance. By using charts and red/green/black colouring, you can instantly see problem areas.

Our summary allows you to quickly view vs plan (budget) and previous year.

By using the filters along the top you can view for any time period, franchise, dealership or operating department (such as parts, service, sales etc.).

Utilising our drill-down capability means you can drill all the way down to individual nominal code (as seen on the next page).

incontact centre

Managing contact centre performance and identifying the best times to contact customers allows your dealership to maximise results when it comes to service bookings and test drive appointments.

Contact centre performance.

Understand contact centre performance against your targets.

Timing analysis.

View your contact centre performance by day of week and hour of day, allowing you to plan your contact strategy accordingly.

Individual agents.

View performance of individual agents.

Using our 20 years of automotive experience allows us to help you make faster, smarter decisions at all levels of your business. We know the metrics that matter and can drive real change that positively impacts your bottom line.

Steps to success.

How much time and resources will you save by a fully
integrated reports solution?

1. Integrate your data

Integrate all your data into one single view from your existing REALaftersales solution, REALsales, through to your DMS and other third parties, giving you a single holistic view of your business.

2. Key areas of focus

Drill into each area for a detailed view, and let the AI software highlight key areas for your business to focus on and make changes.

3. Remove uncertainty

Enjoy the empowerment of your staff to make positive changes, all using the same single view and removing any uncertainty.

Reports on key stats.

Sales performance across new and used vehicles, including add-ons: finance, GAP and paint protection

Detailed customer insights such as trends by geographic location

Instantly view trends and performance vs targets

Aftersales performance from booking conversations to average red and amber work identified/sold/conversions, VHC completion and workshop activity

Salesperson, technician, advisor and vehicle analysis. Understand how your dealers and people are performing against targets

Understand what is causing your changes in performance and the best performing times and days in your dealerships

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