We are a collaborative business, working with a range of industry suppliers, retail groups and OEMs, all with the aim of providing excellent solutions to make everyone’s lives simpler, more profitable and to give everyone a platform to grow and succeed, by allowing them the flexibility to work with the solutions that best fit them and their business.

Third-party partners

We work with a range of partners from DMS providers to service plans, all fully integrated in our platform, allowing our customers to work end to end within our range of REAL solutions.

If there is a partner we don’t work with today, we’re always happy to talk and create a new working relationship.

Client partners

We work with a range of retailers across the UK, supporting them in a partnership approach ensuring their systems are configured to meet their needs exactly. That’s what partnership means to us – collaborative working to exceed expectations.

OEM partners

We support our OEM partners in a broad number of ways, from supplying data and analytics, creating agreed eVHC warranty checks through to running national campaigns and initiatives, where we take their retail network fully digital. Our belief is that, through active collaboration, we can help OEMs and retailers deliver on their sales, parts and retention strategies.

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