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REALinsights, now CitNOW Insights, can help your business deliver best in class Automotive Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Reporting

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Data drives automotive businesses, from understanding how your Sales teams are performing, tracking your technician efficiency and aftersales revenues, to being able to accurately price your vehicle stock. Having all this data to hand can be a challenge – and often, by the time the data is available, it can be out of date.

Automotive dealerships and OEMs that have business intelligence solutions in place can react faster, by instantly accessing all their data in a single place. This makes all the difference when it comes to outperforming your competition.

Knowing what to change and when is key – implementing a data and analytics solution can be the game-changer your business needs.

Automotive business intelligence solutions deliver:

  • Instant access to performance dashboards and reports

  • Sales performance across new and used vehicles, including add-ons: finance, GAP and paint protection

  • Detailed salesperson, technician, advisor and vehicle analysis

  • Advanced algorithms generating key insights

  • An understanding of what is causing your changes in performance

  • Detailed stock data, allowing you to price your stock accurately against national averages

  • All your data in one single location, saving you time every day vs collating multiple data sources

The Real Time Communications core platform enables you to achieve all this and more:

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REALtime Communications Automotive Business Intelligence (BI) solution – REALinsights is powered by Microsoft Power BI, which is the recognised market leader for business intelligence solutions.

REALtime Communications Automotive Business Intelligence solution – REALinsights connects all of your data points together in a single source, presenting this data into actionable, easy-to-use analytics and reports. Not only do we show you the data as it is today, but we also provide predictive and prescriptive outcomes using AI learning to identify problems before they occur.

REALtime Communications Automotive Business Intelligence solution – REALinsights can connect to a wide range of data points, from APIs to data files. In most cases, we can connect if you can provide us access. We have the widest range of integrations available today out of the box, including DMS providers, finance companies, media services, stock platforms and more. Contact us today to find out more about our available integrations. (

We have a range of modules available through the Automotive Business Intelligence platform, including Sales, Aftersales, Stock Management, Finance, Call Centres and more. Each module can be configured based on user roles and permissions, giving you control over what each member of the team can access.

Yes, we integrate with a large number of third parties out of the box. We have the widest range of integrations available today, including DMS providers, finance companies and stock management solutions, as well as CitNOW Group companies.

Set up of the BI solution is very quick. As we have a wide range of integrations already available, it’s often a case of simply configuring access and then the data arrives directly into the platform. We would also work with you to understand your KPIs, targets and objectives to build those into all dashboards, as well as provide training when ready to go live.

REALtime Communications Automotive Business Intelligence solution is based on Microsoft Power BI and is fully web-based. You will be given access to the portal and provided with usernames and passwords for all users.

Yes, we can configure each user’s access to certain modules or individual reports or analytics. This way, we can ensure that team members only see what’s relevant to them.

Through our Business Intelligence platform, we can create a range of simple and intuitive reports – all based on our dedicated automotive experience and background. We show a range of dashboards, trend charts, tables and recommendations, allowing users to drill down into information at each point, depending on how much granular analytic data they are looking for. The Business Intelligence platform is very flexible and easy to use as it’s built on Microsoft Power BI, the leading business intelligence solution.

The REALtime Communications Business Intelligence platform has been built by automotive industry experts. That said, we are always happy to learn more and delight our customers. If there is a report or piece of analytics we believe will add value to the wider solution, we will complete that work and make it available. Since launch, we have delivered a number of additional reports and enhancements in this way. Certain elements will be bespoke and configured on set up, such as KPIs, targets and objectives.

REALtime Communications are ISO 27001 certified and work to the highest standards in terms of our data security and compliance. We are regularly audited to ensure we continue to meet these standards for our customers and are trusted by many of the largest automotive retail groups in the UK.

Using a fully managed business intelligence solution for your business means that you get continuous upgrades to your data, analytics and reports. We dedicate hundreds of hours each week to building and refining new reports for our customers. These reports are available straight away, meaning you get access to the data quickly through a proven, secure method that is consistent and accurate. In addition, using third-party tools removes the need for any additional staff overhead in-house.

Our solution is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the marketplace today and includes the widest range of integrations out of the box. We charge on a per rooftop basis on a licence fee model; contact us today to find out how much it could be for your retailer. (

At REALtime Communications, we believe our Automotive Business Intelligence (BI) solution delivers the following three major benefits:

  1. Informed decision-making: Automotive BI provides valuable insights and data-driven analytics, enabling informed decision-making based on market trends, customer preferences and competitor activities.
  2. Competitive advantage: By leveraging Automotive BI, you gain a competitive edge by staying ahead of market dynamics, identifying opportunities and positioning your brand as a leader in the industry.
  3. Enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction: Automotive BI optimises internal processes, improves operational efficiency and allows for targeted marketing and personalisation, resulting in cost savings, higher productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Our Automotive Business Intelligence solution is built on Microsoft Power BI, which allows access on any device, including mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Yes, absolutely. Working with Auto Trader, we connect all your vehicle stock and price match it against all Auto Trader stock. This gives you the ability to update stock prices, implement a full pricing strategy and more all in a matter of seconds. This helps dealers sell cars at the right price, increase profit and reduce days to sell. Contact us today to learn more about the INstock vehicle price module (subject to separate Auto Trader licence being in place). (

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