by Richard Robinson

The prevailing economic climate is shining a light on the need for increasing efficiency across motor retailing and aftersales, and if such increases can improve the customer experience then it’s a win-win – especially if such innovations can be deployed quickly.

We’ve just delivered such a solution for our Volkswagen Passenger Cars and ŠKODA customers.

Enabling customers to self-serve a workshop booking isn’t new, but for many retailers ‘finessing’ the process to enable customers to select an exact and available time slot for their work often is. It’s exactly what we’ve delivered for a broad audience of dealers by working with Volkswagen Group brands at a national level.

The elegantly smart innovation developed by Real Time Communications (RTC) integrates with Volkswagen Group’s approved Online Service Booking platform, providing a classic ‘marginal gain’ that saves re-work, callback confirmations, booking adjustments and frustration for dealers and customers alike, and continues to support a strong Volkswagen brand experience.

It’s now live for all RTC customers (with Volkswagen and ŠKODA sites) and we’re looking forward to seeing the results for our dealer and OEM partners.