REALtime Communications Q4 renewals and extensions

We are delighted to announce a number of key customer renewals and expansions.

Firstly, Lookers Plc are now live and using our REALinsights business intelligence solution across the group. This expansion of the product set has been extremely well received and is making a real impact on Lookers Plc’s performance. Thomas McAlindon, Commercial Operations Director at Lookers Plc, commented:

“REALinsights has successfully managed to pull together key data that measures our Aftersales departments across the group, enabling us to compare and contrast the performance of every one of our sites in the same manner, all in a highly visible and useable dashboard. This allows us to look at areas of underperformance where support is needed and equally spot areas of high performance where we are then able to share best practice from.”

John Law, Technology Insights Director at REALtime Communications, added his thoughts to the roll-out:

“Working with Lookers over the last few months has been fantastic; the team have been extremely engaged in the process and are finding new ways to utilise the data we have made available to them. We are looking forward to working with them on the next phase of the product, and we continue to add more reporting and actionable insights to the platform.”

In addition to the Lookers expansion, we have also seen growth in our aftersales solutions as well with additional site launches at Marshall Motor Group, Citygate and Group 1 Automotive during Q4.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that SDM Motor Group, Henrys Ltd, Drift Bridge Group, Martins Group and Jacksons Motor Group have all renewed their contracts with us during Q4, extending their use of our market-lead eVHC and workshop management solutions.

Richard Robinson, COO of REALtime Communications, added:

“We always put the customer at the heart of all we do and are delighted that our customers have chosen to renew and as well as extend the use of our solutions. We are continuing to invest in our solution with a number of new features and enhances made in 2022; this investment is set to continue as we continue to enhance our existing platform as well as continue the development of our next generation solution in the coming year. There are certainly exciting times ahead for REALtime Communications and our customers.”