We’re delighted to announce that we have acquired Autolytica, a provider of real-time data analytics for dealerships. With dealers generating more data than ever, we believe that being able to analyse it and deliver tangible insights and action points is a game-changer for the industry.

The acquisition builds on our mission to empower dealers with data that supports them in making fast, smart decisions, while fulfilling consumer needs. Autolytica will help us bring further technological capacity and opportunities to dealers nationwide, by enabling our software to collect and self-analyse customer and vehicle data for faster and more accurate decision-making.

Commenting on the acquisition, our Chief Operating Officer, Richard Robinson, said:

“There is currently a huge amount of interest in ‘big data’, and rightly so. Dealerships generate more data than ever, but all too often it stays ‘dark’ – running up storage costs, but not analysed or otherwise used to benefit the business.”

“The acquisition of Autolytica puts us in a strong position to help change that. The software represents a game-changer for dealership digitalisation, taking data generated through everyday activities – showroom visits, workshop bookings, vehicle health checks and so on – and actively analysing, curating and reporting on it. The result is actionable recommendations that can be customised to account for many different variables.”

Autolytica’s solution takes data generated by dealerships and turns it into clear insights, such as demand projections or productivity targets. In addition, it uses a machine learning algorithm to ‘learn’ about commercial models and priorities at individual business level, generating tailored forecasts for different commercial scenarios. Robinson explains:

“For example, if you set a goal to improve technician productivity by 10%, our software can forecast the impact on the bottom line compared to a 5% or 15% improvement. It may be that one of these is a ‘sweet spot’ in terms of the outcome it will achieve – something you may never have identified through traditional means.”

The technology integrates with both RTC’s aftersales software solution and its CloseIt front-of-house technology, as well as the DMS and other third-party data feeds that dealer groups may use, for a holistic view of business insight and analytics.

While RTC products already had an element of integration with the Autolytica suite, the acquisition is expected to take this functionality to a new level – helping dealerships realise greater and more immediate benefits across their sales and aftersales departments. The Autolytica product will slot in alongside RTC’s suite of real-time aftersales solutions and the CloseIt sales CRM product, and will be rebranded as RTC Insights.

Work is already underway to deploy the software into 50 franchised dealerships during July and August. Robinson concludes:

“By helping dealer principals ‘see into the future’ in this way, our solution empowers them to make fast, smart decisions that enable them to sweat their assets and create additional value for retail and aftersales customers.”

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