By Richard Robinson

Mobile servicing is gaining traction. Halfords and now the RAC have embraced the opportunity. It is another challenge to franchised dealer aftersales departments. However, if you cannot beat them, should dealers join them?

At RTC, we see it as something well worth considering. Here is the rationale;

  • 62% of drivers say it would be appealing to have a trained mechanic coming to their house or work to service their car rather than take it to a garage.
  • 75% of people say the most significant inconvenience of car servicing is dropping off and later picking up their car
  • The Motor Ombudsman has expanded the coverage of its Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair to include mobile mechanics, tyre fitters, and smart repairers
  • Lang Marketing, whose Aftermarket iReport is widely read in the US report ‘explosive’ growth in mobile servicing

While the first two points are from the RAC as they launched their mobile service, it is hard to ignore the broader trend to at-home service; from Amazon to Just Eat, the convenience and cost-saving perceived by consumers are real.

We can also see how a business can leverage the convenience benefit.

  • An eVHC can take place remotely with time taken to make a full assessment
  • Minor chips and paint damage and perhaps even valeting/detailing can be identified for further upsold work on another day
  • Tyres sales can be gained as part of the service because, quite simply, the service value can more easily overcome the perceived cost issue
  • We also believe people will be happy to pay for the ‘valet’ type service inherent in the model
  • Potentially, it can also help reduce overheads on-site and/or improve capacity and utilisation

Above anything else, all aftersales teams should be exploring the option.

As always, we welcome your feedback.