By Alistair Jeff

EVHCs Increasing Conversions – the £600m+ Opportunity

  • Less than 30% of aftersales work identified through an Electronic Vehicle Health Check (EVHC) is converted into dealer income.
  • Over £600M of revenue has been lost in the period Jan – Sept 2022.

Commenting on the missed opportunities, Alistair Jeff, Commercial Director at Realtime Communications, is keen to help dealers bridge the opportunity gap as he notes:

“With aftersales coming under pressure as the impact of falling new sales continues to feed through and with the lighter aftersales requirements of BEVs on the near horizon, aftersales teams need to optimise every opportunity. At RealTime Communications, we are committed to helping dealers realise the achievable marginal gains.”

Having benchmarked EVHC performances, Realtime Communications has established a series of opportunities for improvement. One of the leading contenders is the impact of a personalised video to explain the work requirement identified. On its own, this can deliver a five per cent improvement in EVHC conversions. As Alistair concludes, such an approach is within almost all dealers’ capabilities:

“While £600m is the big carrot, we must be realistic in helping dealers. Gaining the knack for continuous improvement can make a significant difference quickly. The overall impact of a five per cent increase in EVHC conversions is compelling. On its own, this would provide an average of £138,000 additional income per dealer.”

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