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With the March plate-change month out of the way, used car performance comes to the fore as retailers look at how best to manage part-exchanges.

In the next Auto Retail Live webinar, we’ll be looking at how the first quarter has performed for used cars, including average sales values, days to sell and gross profit per unit. We’ll discuss the outlook for used car values overall, as well as why there’s instability in the EV market and what’s likely to happen to diesel values. Overall, we aim to help you make more money selling used cars.

On the show, we’ll talk to Hendy Group Chief Executive Paul HendyMarc Thornborough from Auto Trader, Mike Jones from Fresh Tracks and John Law from RealTime Communication about used car market trends, how to measure performance and what you can do to improve your business.

Auto Retail Live on Thursday 27th April, brought to you in partnership with RealTime Communications, will examine the data, discuss hands-on experience and offer advice about how to get the most out of your used car operation.

Our expert panel will also be available live to answer your questions to help you run a more successful used car operation.

Key topics for discussion include:

  • First quarter used car market performance
  • How is Q2 likely to track
  • Why are EV values unstable
  • Which KPIs offer the best insight
  • What you can do to improve performance.

REGISTER NOW and join us online at 2 pm on Thursday 27th April for our Used Car KPIs webinar.

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