We wanted to share some exciting new features from our 2.10.11 release.

Below are some short explainer videos demonstrating some of the new key features, as well as a downloadable full release guide.

If you would like to enable any of these features or talk to one of the team to find out more, contact us using the link below.

New feature

Bumper PayNow

A new payment option has been made available via our integration with Bumper.

Customers can ‘PayNow’ directly via the platform, saving time and increasing conversion of service and repair work.

New feature

Outbound Customer Contact Automation

Automate email and SMS activity based on due date or activity dates directly to your customers.

Previously, activity was based on contact with your customer, but now you can build a full contact plan for your service, MOT test or other activities.

This feature improves efficiency in customer contact and ensures you maximise every opportunity for service and repair work.

New feature

Customer Signature Status Visibility

Quickly see if customers have signed and approved service and repair work.

Aimed towards digital payment customers, workshop management can now show simple visuals for the signature status – be that signed, amended, no signature or sent to customer.

These quick visuals increase efficiency for your service advisors and technician teams who can see all approved work line-by-line at a glance.

New feature

Duplicate Vehicle Record

Identify and notify your team on any duplicate records found in your DMS.

Within the Link System, when multiple records are returned from the DMS for a single record, you can now select and then notify your CRM team or nominated individual directly through the platform.

This allows for better data quality and faster updates by your team.

New feature

Multiple Parts Selection

Select multiple parts and drag and drop directly into your eVHC.

Available within the inspection system, this feature saves time and effort for your team when pricing your job.

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