We recently shared an article where our Data and Insight team highlighted a service shortfall on the horizon (https://www.rtcauto.co.uk/aftersales-issue-on-horizon/).

Alistair Jeff – RTC Commercial Director – spent some time with Auto Retail Profit to share his thoughts on how retailers can work towards filling that revenue shortfall. Read more on the link below:


About REALinsights

REALinsights is a cost-effective data and analytics platform launched in 2021 by Real Time Communications. With over 80 out-of-the-box reports and integration into Auto Trader, Keyloop, Enquiry Max, RTC and other solutions, it has the power to combine all of a retailer’s data sources and offer a complete overview of key business metrics.

In addition to reporting on stock pricing in real time, REALinsights can offer market forecasts and bottom-line predictions based on a wide range of factors, offering instant and powerful decision support in high-impact areas.