Each year we ask our team for their feedback on our business to make sure we are heading in the right direction.

These surveys are anonymous, and we always receive a great response rate from our team.

It’s a simple system, with each member of staff being asked to score REALtime Communications from a scale of 1-5 on each area, with 1 being Poor and 5 Excellent.

We’re pleased to share some of the results from our survey below on staff engagement and sentiment toward REALtime Communications:

I am proud to work for RTC – 4.65/5

I would recommend RTC as a great place to work – 4.25/5

RTC motivates me to go beyond what I would do in a similar role elsewhere – 4.11/5

I know what I need to do to be successful in my role – 4.75/5

Our management team is extremely proud of the working environment at RTC, and we recognise that it’s the team that make the business what it is today.

We still have more to do and are focused on making continual improvements to make REALtime Communications a great place to work.

For more information on Careers at REALtime Communications visit our website – https://www.rtcauto.co.uk/careers/