Our REALsales team have been hard at work over the past 12 months, adding new features and integrations into the platform. We wanted to take the opportunity to look back at 2021 and also welcome a new site to the REALsales family, who are looking forward to reaping the benefits of our lead management platform.

So, what’s new in REALsales?

First, let’s talk integrations. We added two new integration into the system in 2021.

Delivered in April 2021 was an integration with ITC Compliance. ITC Compliance are the UKs largest appointed representative network and market leaders in providing regulatory support to the UK retail automotive sector

For dealers using ITC already, REALsales now enables all customer data already entered within our platform to be passed over – prepopulating all the forms you need to complete to ensure compliance when selling your regulated products and services.

This means faster processes for your Sales team – saving time and helping your team focus on completing the deal, rather than double keying into multiple systems.

The next big integration came in November, with REALsales connecting directly with RAPID RTC. RAPID RTC is a multinational digital communications company that specialises in automotive and focuses on improving businesses’ digital communications and customer engagement practices by seamlessly connecting online shoppers in real time, using their preferred channel.

This integration allows our customers to now receive all their leads – from multiple sources, directly into REALsales with no need to double key – saving our customers time and helping them capture every opportunity.

Alistair Jeff – REALtime Communications Commercial Director – has a long-established relationship with a number of key partners:

“We recognised that a large number of retailers in the UK use ITC Compliance and/or RAPID RTC. When we saw the benefits that these integrations could bring in terms of time and efficiency savings alone, we were keen to get them completed for our customers.”

Work on REALsales didn’t stop there, as our dedicated development team have also delivered a wide range of additional functionality.

New features include enhanced search functionality (helping users to locate customers and leads faster) browser updates (allowing the system to be available on a wide range of systems) as well as a brand-new look and feel to the system throughout, as we rebranded the system from CloseIT to REALsales.

We recommend all our customers to keep on eye out for the notifications in the system where they can see the full range of updates and enhancements made and due for release.

The integrations and feature developments are led by Barry Wooderson – REALsales Business Development Manager – in conjunction with our dedicated development team:

“We have been working continuously with our customers to understand what features they want to see in the platform, and what would add the most value to them. We are adding new functionality continuously and welcome any feedback from our customers on any new features they would like to see. We’re all about collaboration.”

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Fish Brothers have chosen to extend their relationship with us. Taking REALsales for their sports and classic showroom, we’re looking forward to working with them in 2022 to deliver a first-class lead management experience.

Barry continued:

“We have worked with Fish Brothers for a number of years. When the opportunity came to extend REALsales to their new location, we were pleased to support and welcome them to the platform.”

If you want to talk to us about your lead management options and find out more about REALsales, contact us today and one of the team will be happy to assist.

About Real Time Communications

Real Time Communications (RTC) is a digitalisation specialist – working with UK dealerships to deliver complete, seamlessly integrated solutions for sales and aftersales. With 20 years’ experience developing and deploying software, RTC is proven as an expert in digital transformation and a growth partner for dealerships in a fast-changing industry. More than 700 franchised dealers now use RTC tools.

RTC’s technologies allow systems, processes and communication channels to integrate and share data in real time, leading to revenue opportunities, efficiency savings and sustainable benefits. With a full-service approach, RTC is committed to helping dealerships adopt a customer-centric model, meeting motorists’ demands with a personalised experience.