We recently shared some industry insight that shows that average eVHC conversion rates have fallen since the pandemic, as consumers have more choice to where to have service and repair work completed.

Red work eVHC conversion has dropped since March 2020 from 57.1% to 52.1% today, and Amber eVHC conversion have fallen from 14.3% down to 10.5% in that same time – these conversions relate to repair work that was converted on the same day as service work being completed.

The numbers show that with focus there is lots of opportunity for dealers to generate additional aftersales revenues by targeting a return to the previous high conversion levels, and by having a structured processes in place to convert as much red/amber work on the day before the customer can shop around.

We also strongly recommend that every customer that doesn’t have work completed on the day is followed up by the dealership to ensure no opportunities are missed, the data generated by eVHC work is extremely valuable and should be maximised by every dealership.

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