REALtime Communications completes a CRM integration with RAPID RTC, a Keyloop company – allowing our customers to receive all their leads directly into REALsales, saving you time and helping you maximise every opportunity.

Ensuring that your business captures every lead from your various leads sources is key to maximising your success, as every missed lead is a missed opportunity. Our lead management solution, REALsales, has always given our customers a flexible and easy way to capture these leads, and effectively manage them through every stage of the customer’s sales life cycle.

We recognised that our customers’ lead sources are becoming more diverse, with leads from Used Vehicle Locators, OEMs and direct from their website all forming part of the mix. This was making the task of capturing them into a lead management solution take longer than we would have hoped – leaving it open to potentially missing an opportunity.

That’s why our team have been working hard in the background on a number of changes and enhancements to our lead management solution. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we are now integrated with RAPID RTC. .

RAPID RTC is a multinational digital communications company that specialises in automotive and focuses on improving businesses’ digital communications and customer engagement practices by seamlessly connecting online shoppers in real-time, using their preferred channel, with salespeople who are not busy with showroom walk-ins. This integration allows our customers to now receive all their leads – from multiple sources, directly into REALsales with no need to double key, saving our customers time and helping them capture every opportunity.

REALsales is one of the most flexible solutions in the marketplace, built by dealers for dealers and we see this enhancement as the next stage of our product evolution.

Alistair Jeff, REALtime Communications Commercial Director, has a long-established relationship with a number of key partners:

“We recognised that a large number of retailers in the UK use RAPID RTC to capture all their customers leads, so when it came to choosing a partner to support in lead aggregation, they were the obvious choice, as we believe it will have the most impact for our customers.”

The integration has been managed by Barry Wooderson, REALsales Business Development Manager, and our dedicated development team:

“We have been working with the RAPID RTC team over the past few months on the integration and we are really happy with the results. The team have been extremely supportive during the process, and we are now seeing some fantastic results for our retailers who have had the integration activated, seeing more leads captured directly into REALsales, increasing efficiency for the retailer by removing the need to double key and ultimately leading to more vehicles sold. We’re looking forward to monitoring the results of this integration over the next few months and sharing more success stories with our customers.”

In addition to the integration, the REALsales platform user interface has also been enhanced and we have a number of other new features in the pipeline as part of our continuous improvement programme for the application.

If you would like to find out more about REALsales and how we can help your retailer capture, manage and maximise every lead your business receives please contact our team who will be happy to help.

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