by Alistair Jeff

Over a long and varied career in car retailing and supporting industries, I remain passionate about cars. If you ask people across the car retailing sector, including suppliers such as us at Real Time Communications, I suspect the majority will say that they do indeed share my view.

Part of this affection for motoring is focused on current vehicles. I love my Tesla, but my passion also extends to classic cars and modern classics. I’ve just purchased an Alfa Romeo Spider, which falls into the latter category. I drove it to my home on the south coast from Glasgow and loved every minute of that drive and the subsequent weekend excursions. With the sun out, the roof has been off and I’m working on that classic right-arm suntan.

So why this affection? In part it’s nostalgia…driving a car I always wanted. But overall, it’s that driving it engages all the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and OK, perhaps not taste. You need mechanical sympathy to drive a classic car, and even a modern classic like the Alfa.

My modern car is efficient, comfortable, digitally connected and I love it, but a classic or modern classic is just a different experience and allows me to take my toolkit with me too. I know some people worry about breaking down, but as a leisure experience, I treat such concern as part of the experience and always have the right breakdown cover…just in case!

So over to you reading this. Do you have a classic car, or even a modern classic? If so, what, and why? If you don’t, what classic would you aspire to own and why?

I look forward to reading your responses.