by Nathan Cooper, Product Marketing Manager

When we work with our REALsales customers, we want to make sure that their sales lead platform is optimised to ensure that their Sales team is working in the most efficient way possible.

We want our customers to get all their leads in one place, reduce the administrative overhead and build a deal for their customers quickly and simply.

Our REALsales Business Development Manager, Barry Wooderson, offered us his top tips on getting your setup right:

  1. Stock feeds – Get them connected directly to REALsales

Most automotive specialist web providers offer the ability to pass vehicle stock feeds from their platform over to other sources. We strongly recommend that this be completed for all REALsales customers where available.

What this enables customers to do when stacking their used car deal is to remove the need for double keying, as the available stock would be automatically available within REALsales.

So, all the salesperson needs to do is search and select the vehicle from the stock list and ‘Attach to Deal’. This not only increases accuracy of the data but provides a considerable timesaving as well.

We currently have this stock feed integration available for GForces and Bluesky customers (for these providers, you will need to speak with them to get it set up). However, if you use a different provider, please contact us to discuss and we will advise on what is possible.

  1. Compliance – Speed up the process

Having a sales compliance process is a standard action for all automotive dealerships to ensure that they are meeting all regulatory standards.

For some dealerships, this is a manual task once the deal is completed – taking all the customer information and re-typing it into their chosen compliance partners’ portal.

For REALsales customers that use ITC Compliance, we recommend that they activate our integration with them. This integration passes all the customer information directly over to ITC Compliance APEX system, removing the need to double key and ensuring accuracy.

  1. New and used deal files – Make forms that are right for you

Each dealership will have forms or checklists that they use when creating a deal file for new or used car sales.

We recommend that dealerships, with the use of tags, create forms that populate with as much known information as possible from the system. This encourages better use of information already stored in the system, automates some of the process and, again, saves your Sales team time and effort.

  1. Lead sources – What’s available and how to get leads direct to the system

The final and one of the most important tips is getting your lead sources all directly integrated and fed directly into your Lead Management system.

REALsales currently has a range of options available to customers and are adding more all the time, as requests from OEMs and dealer groups come in.

If you are a RapidRTC customer, we are fully certified, so can plug in all your leads from them directly into our system – removing the need to double key and getting your leads in the system fast!

For OEMs we work with such as VW’s Lead Portal as well and MG Motors, we can take leads in directly from those brands, so if you represent one of those brands, again, contact us to get that set up.

Finally, most dealerships in the UK advertise their stock on Auto Trader. We have just released a new integration with Auto Trader, taking those leads from the marketplace directly into REALsales.

Each of these three lead sources can be set up and configured by our team and will ensure all your leads are captured – removing the need to double key and increase your team’s ability to respond quickly to leads when they arrive.

If you would like more information on any of the above or would like to get it set up within your REALsales platform, contact our team today at and we will be happy to assist.

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