By Nathan Cooper, Product Marketing Manager

With customers’ demands changing regularly and more customers wanting to book online at their own convenience, is there still a place for call centre bookings? We take a quick look below at the advantages of each:

Advantages of online service booking:

  • Convenience: Customers can easily book appointments at any time without having to wait for call centre hours or wait on hold.
  • Efficiency: Automated scheduling and reminders can reduce no-shows and cancellations, freeing up capacity for other customers.
  • Improved customer experience: Online booking allows customers to view available appointment times, compare services and book quickly and easily.

Advantages of booking via a call centre:

  • Personalised attention: Call centre representatives can provide personalised assistance to customers, answering questions and addressing concerns in real time.
  • Flexibility: Booking via call centre allows for more flexible scheduling options, such as same-day appointments or appointments outside of normal business hours.
  • Better customer experience: Some customers may prefer the human touch and personalised attention provided by call centre representatives.

Ultimately, the choice between online service booking and booking via a call centre will depend on the dealership’s goals, resources and customer base.

Some dealerships may find that offering both options provides the best of both worlds, giving customers the convenience and efficiency of online booking, while also providing personalised attention and flexible scheduling options through the call centre.

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