By Nathan Cooper, RTC Product Marketing Manager

Are you looking at how you can improve your Electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) performance?

We’ve pulled together 5 tips that may help you increase your conversions and generate more repair work for your dealership.

  1. Training
    Are all of your Technicians and Service Advisors confident of how to use your eVHC system? Staff who are unsure on how to utilise systems properly are less likely to use them or get the most from them. Our data shows that the average eVHC utilisation sits at around 95% – could completing those missing 5% of eVHC’s make the difference to your dealership?
  1. Use of Media – Videos/Photos
    If a picture tells a thousand words, how many does a video say? Customers are often wary of repair work identified by dealerships, so having an eVHC system that allows you to take photos or videos of the area of concern, help to build trust with your customers. The more information you can provide to your customers the better, increasing conversion as a result.
  1. Staying Productive
    Getting more cars in and out of the workshop is key to increasing your eVHC productivity. To deliver this, think about the processes you have in place between your Technician, Workshop Control and Service Advisors. Finding ways to keep communication between these teams flowing is key to getting the cars on the ramp and any eVHC repair work authorised by the customer- fast!
  1. Customer Contact Plan
    Many repair items identified as part of your eVHC will not be converted on the day, especially with Amber work. Ensure that your business has a plan in place to contact the customers at regular intervals to get them back in the dealership to get the work completed.
  1. Tyres, Brakes & Batteries
    Consumable items identified as part of the eVHC check, such as Tyres, Brakes and Batteries, will be the majority of your potential eVHC repair work opportunity. Think about how you can compete with the Fast Fit centres that are winning this work from you.

Can you create special offers to make your dealership more appealing or can you add value to the customer by completing low-cost items such as wash and vac, or even a simple coffee and biscuit in a comfortable, clean environment – with free wi-fi, of course!


Every year, we see millions of pounds of eVHC identified work, notably Amber, but even Red, go unfulfilled; or at least unfulfilled by the retailer that has identified it.

I know I mentioned it in Tip 4, but I  cannot overstate the importance of having an effective follow-up process. At its simplest, if the customer does not opt for your workshop to complete the work there and then, agree a diarised date for a follow-up call.

And here is the tip – remember, work has been identified as Amber or especially Red could impact safety or reliability, a follow-up call is good service in action.

As always, REALtime communications are here to help if you want to discuss how you can improve your eVHC performance.