By Nathan Cooper

Onboarding with REALtime Communications

We value supporting our new REALtime Communications customers through the onboarding process, or as we call it: “Implementation”.

This is a detailed process that takes a customer from never using our solution through to it being fully configured and deployed, with their teams trained and ready to use REALtime Communications as an everyday part of their Aftersales processes.

So, what can you expect?

It all starts with our dedicated Implementation Project Team. They work with each retailer and conduct an initial discovery session to fully understand their requirements from workflows, DMS systems, technical needs and more. Each step is fully documented in a project plan and discussed with our customers to gain agreement on what needs to be done and when. We do this in full collaboration with the customer, ensuring they get a platform that is right for them.

We are firm believers in working hand in hand with customers during the process so they can maximise the effectiveness of their new aftersales solution.

Configuring the solution

Once all the requirements are gathered, we set about configuring the solution to meet the customer’s needs. The REALtime Communications solution has been built over 20 years, with hundreds of configurations and many integrations available with third parties. Our team gets the solution set up and ready to go, based on the discovery sessions and feedback gained.

All this is initially done at a single location, allowing our customers to see the solution in action and make changes as needed before we roll it out across the entire group.

Staff training and support

Once the technical elements are all sorted, we focus on the people. Implementing REALtime Communications will bring change to your users and our training sessions are designed to ensure that they are equipped with the system knowledge, skills and, most importantly, confidence to embrace the change. We recognise that change can be a challenge, so we support this with dedicated sessions with all staff where we explain the solution in detail and the benefits it will bring.

Following this session, we then spend time on site with users on the day-to-day use of the platform, helping them along the way with queries and offering support. Before we leave the site and move to the next location, each member of staff is asked to complete an assessment so we can be sure they are confident about how to use the solution.

Ongoing support

Once the solution is live, our dedicated Account Management team step in to work with the retailer. The team provides regular reviews, tips and support on how to get the most out of the platform and supports the retailer when new features and functions are deployed within the software.

This end-to-end approach has been proven to work across hundreds of locations in the UK, and we are always looking at new ways to make the process better for our customers and help them to maximise the use of the platform.

REALtime Communications is a proven aftersales partner. Once our solution is deployed, our customers see tangible, real results to bottom-line revenue and profit in their aftersales team.

If you are a retail group looking to increase your aftersales teams’ revenue and profit, contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist.