The right leads, at the right time

REALsales provides your Sales team and wider business with maximum visibility of all your sales leads in one place, helping your business to understand who is ready to convert and when. We give you the clarity to succeed.

  • All leads captured in a single source

  • Maximum visibility of all leads and requirements to hit targets

  • Clear understanding of the sales funnel and who is ready to convert

  • Give your team confidence that they are working on the right leads at the right time

  • Increased staff efficiency

  • RAPID RTC-integrated, giving you all your leads in one place.

We are an integrated partner of RAPID RTC, connecting all your leads directly from RAPID RTC into REALsales.

Leads managed your way.

Capture all your leads in a single source, leads integrations from RAPID RTC, OEM Lead Sources or add them directly to the platform.

Search your stock directly, taking feeds from sources including GForces, Bluesky or from bespoke integrations.

Fully responsive cloud-based solution, meaning you can be set up quickly and your team can work on any device.

Build your customers’ perfect deal with our deal builder, appraise customer vehicles, create a part-exchange information and build order forms and more, all in one place.

Create and manage marketing campaigns to track and monitor online to offline success.

Full reporting for every stage of the customer journey, effectively manage your team and maintain profitability.

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REALsales working together with ITC, helping to provide an alternative to Direct Financial Conduct Authority Authorisation

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Client Testimonial.

  • Thames Motor Group

“We now no longer have to double-key every lead and are seeing the benefits of not only a more efficient and time-saving process but also a much clearer and accurate picture of our clients and lead activity, which we hope will lead to more sales!”

Natasha Khanna

We believe you should never miss a lead and be able to manage your customers end to end, contacting them at the right time, every time.

Steps to success.

How will your Aftersales team be transformed once a complete
aftersales solution is in place?

1. Sales leads

Unify all sales leads under a single location.

2. Manage all leads

Manage all leads end to end, with full visibility throughout – showing you what needs to happen to hit your goals.

3. Generate success

Enjoy frustration-free staff as everyone from the Sales team to the DP understands their role to achieve the businesses goals and generate success.

Key features.

Lead Generation.

An open platform that accepts leads from multiple sources.

  • Manufacturer leads

  • GDPR-compliant

  • Customisable fields within appraisal form

  • User-friendly system.

  • RAPIDRTC Integration

Lead Management.

A diary system designed to help users distinguish between live or completed tasks and appointments.

  • Fully customisable

  • Optimisation of opportunities

  • Visibility of team tasks and progress

  • Stock integration

  • Automated tasks

  • Tailored email contact based on historical contact information.

  • ITC compliance Integration

Sales and Deal Management.

A comprehensive element that optimises your business performance and maximises lead conversions.

  • Fully integrated deal-builder with customer-facing outputs

  • Maximising revenue opportunities

  • Incorporating CAP data

  • Configurable order forms

  • Sales performance breakdown

  • Customer duplication verification

  • Fully managed task-based handover solution

  • Comprehensive reporting suite giving clear visibility of the Sales department

Complete Customer, Opportunity & Diary Management.

Simple and easy to read and use focused Diary with fully customisable Tasks, Appointments and automated Follow-Up Processes.

  • Dedicated “Low Hanging Fruit” Opportunity Tab

  • Dedicated “Awaiting Handover” Tab

  • Fully customisable Deal Process with the ability to set alerts, SMS & emails for key consumer journey points

Compliance Management.

ITC Compliance.

  • Saves double keying, links directly into the ITC Compliance APEX quoting system

Form Suite Management.

Full range of fully customisable, pre-populating forms in Excel and PDF formats saved locally in the system.

  • Order Forms
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Part Exchange Appraisal
  • AFRL Forms
  • Dealfile Checklists

Part Exchange Management.

Dedicated Part Exchange Portal showing…

  • Customer
  • Make & Model

  • Registration Number

  • Offered & SIV Values
  • Deal attached to
  • Created Date

Report Management.

Full suite of reporting to enable both a high level and detailed views of Retailer activity and consumer journey.

  • Daily Awareness – What’s happening today, what happened yesterday and what’s due to happen today
  • Sales Performance – Team activity including Test Drives, Follow Up and Lost Sale Activity
  • Deal Board – Electronic White Board showing Sales & Handovers, Add-on Sales, Profit and Customer
  • Order Book – At a glance, one-click forward order bank

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